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Brew It Yourself: 6 Solid Coffee Makers for Under $100

According to the Coffee Association of Canada, most coffee is consumed at home. This makes sense because buying coffee from the Starcups and Second Bucks of the world can really chew away at your funds, especially when buying 15 cups of coffee per day

The most affordable route, without argument, is buying coffee beans or ground coffee and brewing it yourself. While using a coffee maker may be intimidating to some, once you understand the basics, it takes less than a minute to prepare your coffee maker for brewing.

So, if you’re lacking a quality coffee maker at home/work and would like to make the switch to 100% brew-it-yourself (#BIY), here are 6 of our favourite coffee makers for under $100. Before you know it you’ll be making your own mocha-frappa-happa-vodka-lattes all by yourself!

*All prices are listed in Canadian dollars

  • Oster® 10-Cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker ($99.99)
    Features include a thermal carafe with a 10 cup capacity, which is great for anyone. As well as 2-hour auto shut off (nice), a brew time tracker to track the coffee freshness, and brewing pause and serve. Removable water reservoir and filter basket. Totally capable entry level machine at a sweet price.
  • Zojirushi Zutto EC-DAC50 Coffee Maker ($89.70)
    Not only does saying Zojirushi Zutto sound cool, they also design AMAZING coffee makers. The EC-EAC50 model features a removable water tank with replaceable filter, auto “stay warm” function, and even comes with a measuring spoon. Nothing fancy, just a well-designed coffee maker.
  • Hamilton Beach 49985C 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker ($94.99)
    Personally, I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Hamilton Beach coffee makers. The 49985C is not exception. It brews a 12 cup pot or single cup, has a programmable timer, it’s dishwasher safe, and has 2-hour auto shut off capabilities. Set it and forget it!
  • Cuisinart 14-cup Programmable Coffee Maker ($84.99)
    This is a cool coffee maker, that has a capacity of 14 cups. It has a cool feature called Strength Control, which allows you to choose between regular and bold flavour to enjoy a cup of coffee, exactly the way you like it. Great if you’re in a rush! It’s also fully programmable.
  • Sunbeam Programmable Coffeemaker Stainless Steel ($49.98)
    This stainless steel professional grade coffee maker is a smart addition. Featuring a Pro-Select LCD display, coffee strength selector and special cleaning cycle, brewing the perfect cup is a breeze.
  • Hamilton-Beach 43874 12 Cup Digital Coffee Maker ($34.99)
    Just like the kind you find at a police station in some gritty 1980’s detective drama. It is super-compact and features a 12 cup capacity, pause and serve function, and they even went as far as illuminating the on/off switch. Thanks!

What brand of coffee maker do you have at home/work?

When you BIY you save time, money, and drink better coffee because you drink coffee exactly the way you like!


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