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*Zavida is proud to introduce our new online corporate membership program. This exclusive membership is reserved for our retail and wholesale customers. Our Zavida online store carries 20 different varieties of coffee options, from traditional blends to specialty flavors. We offer many different bag format options ranging from 2lb bags to individual 2 oz coffee pouches. We also provide a series of Single Serve Pods, compatible with many capsule machines. We can even provide you with an additional stream of revenue with our Flavor Shots, unique to the market.

Once your company profile has been reviewed and the membership terms and conditions are approved, you will gain access to all the perks that come with an online corporate membership. A unique corporate code with a value of a 20% discount will be assigned to your company. All your online orders will be eligible for free shipping* to Canada and the US directly to your establishment. (*certain restrictions apply)

With your online corporate account, you will also be eligible for our exclusive Zavida PERKS Rewards Program. You will also earn cashback credit after every purchase (valid online only, does not have real cash value), that can be applied to any future online order.

Zavida has over 40 years of roasting, flavoring and packaging experience, and we are ideally positioned to help make your retail goals a reality!

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Our coffee is roasted in-house at our facility in Concord, ON, allowing us to control all steps of the production process. Using premium 100% Arabica coffee beans, choice ingredients, and expert methods, you can be sure that our products are of the highest quality and packaged at peak freshness. We have many different coffee blends and grind types to choose from, depending on your preferences.

Flavored coffee 

Get ready to jump on the pumpkin spice trend – or choose from our other speciality flavours! Flavoured coffees are great for making a marketing impact, and they coordinate perfectly with a variety of holidays in every season. Crafted from a blend of natural and artificial ingredients, our flavored coffees are nut and allergen-free, with no added sugar or natural/artificial sweeteners. Discover our flavored coffees!

Single Origin and Blend

For an exotic taste that will please the coffee connoisseur, we offer many single origin coffees from regions as diverse as Brazil to Sumatra. On the other hand, our proprietary blends offer a more well-rounded, smooth taste. Single Origin and Blends appeal to a larger number of customers and are a foundation for year-round sales. Discover this collection!


Our Organica line appeals to the environmentally conscious consumer. Organica is primarily shade-grown in Central and South America on certified farms using natural methods. It is guaranteed USDA Organic, 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, and Kosher. 


2 lb Bags

This is our wholesale format, currently sold on our online store and in large retail outlets such as Costco. Ideal for coffee shops, offices and businesses, it’s also a perennial favourite for personal consumption at home. The 2 lb bag is available only as whole beans, and we have selected our most popular coffees to be offered in the wholesale format.


12 oz Bags

The 12 oz bag format has the most varied selection of coffees to choose from. The smaller size makes it ideal for flavored coffee, which tends to be seasonal and holiday-specific, but organic, single-origin, and blends are also available in this size. The 12 oz bags are ideal for customers to purchase for home use, as well as for offices that want to offer a variety of coffee options to their employees and visitors.


Single Serve

Single serve coffee pods have gained in popularity and are ideal in settings where one cup of coffee at a time is preferred. This coffee format gives the coffee drinker a new choice each time they brew a cup. Placement in hotel lobbies and guest rooms, offices and businesses, as well as customer use at home are all target segments for single serve coffee.



Our 2 oz pouches are pre-measured servings of ground coffee for use in drip coffee brewing systems that are often used in cafeterias, offices, and in the home. Each pouch makes approximately 8 to 10 cups of coffee. This format provides convenience, as well as consistent flavour and intensity, when brewing multiple pots of coffee.


funky flavors 12 oz bags

Our Funky Flavors belong to a new collection of flavored coffee that was released in 2022. Extremely popular, especially with a younger demographic, unique flavoring options combined with large illustrated labels make a big impact in retail spaces. This collection continues to grow, so check back for new product updates.


limited edition 

Limited Edition flavors are always customer favorites and help to boost sales around major holidays. When pumpkin spice season comes around in the fall, take advantage of our flavors that compliment the seasons. Available primarily in 12 oz coffee formats, some flavors are available in Single Serve Pods as well. Our product listings explain when these flavors are available for purchase online so you can plan accordingly. 



Flavor Shots are a unique concept on the market. Instead of adding sugary sweetness, our products are concentrated flavour powerhouses! Unlike other flavouring syrups or coffee creamers, our products contain zero sugar and are also free of artificial / natural sweeteners, calories, gluten and allergens - even nuts! This makes Flavor Shots diabetic friendly and ideal for those following gluten-free and low carb diets. Having multiple flavors displayed in coffee shops, convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants is an accessible way to offer flavor variety to your customers. Each Flavor Shot bottle can flavour over 300 beverages.



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