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Swiss Water Decaf and the Need to be Natural

It's no secret that we here at Zavida Coffee think decaffeinated coffee is fantastic. Besides having a host of desirable health effects like preserving memory function, decaffeinated coffee, and coffee in general, can also reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and a host of other illnesses.

Being the flavor-fiends that we are, we've always been extremely picky with our methods of decaffeination and prefer to keep things as natural as possible. When it comes to brewing a great tasting gourmet decaf, very few companies do it better than Swiss Water Process.

The Swiss do it better, eh? Headquartered in British Colombia, Canada, the gang at Swiss Water have been perfecting the art of chemical-free decaffeinated coffee since 1989. Using water off the coast of B.C. and a proprietary technology, their renowned process produces decaffeinated coffee beans that are 99.9% caffeine free – which gives customers the assurance that their coffee isn't more caffeinated than advertised.

Sporting a brand-new logo (we love it), their organization has continually pushed the boundaries and science of coffee decaffeination, ensuring the taste, aroma and integrity of the beans remains unblemished throughout the process. This is no easy feat!

Does Zavida use Swiss Water Process? You bet we do. Our 100% Colombian Swiss Water Process Decaf is proud to utilize this technology – and based on customer feedback, it’s one of our most popular decaffeinated coffees. And like Swiss Water, we’re also reinventing our brand with newly designed packaging, which will be launching in the very near future ☺


Our other popular decaf blends, like The Original Hazelnut Vanilla Decaf, use a natural CO2 decaffeination process, which utilizes pressurized carbon dioxide and water to isolate and remove the caffeine naturally. And in case you haven’t noticed, keeping things natural is important to us, along with keeping our customers educated and in the loop.


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