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Corporate Responsibilities

Corporate Responsibility 

This policy applies to all activities undertaken by, or on behalf of Zavida and shall be adopted by all employees, including contract employees and temporary workers paid by an outside agency.


Zavida strives to always manage our business and operations with Corporate Social Responsibility in mind. We will accomplish this by:

  • Conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner
  • Protecting the safety of people and the environment
  • Supporting human rights
  • Engaging, learning from, respecting and supporting the communities and cultures with which we work
  • Monitoring and reporting performance
  • Making a commitment to sustainable development

Scope of Responsibilities

  1. Business Ethics and Transparency
  2. Health and Safety and the Environment
  3. Legal Compliance
  4. Employee Relations
  5. Human Rights
  6. The Community
  7. Customer and Supplier Relations
  8. Monitoring and Reporting Performance
  9. Sustainable Development

  1. Business Ethics and Transparency

Zavida corporate governance will be conducted following a consistently high standard of integrity and will conduct business in an honest and ethical manner.

Zavida will ensure that thorough and appropriate auditing and reporting procedures will be conducted to provide information regarding Company performance.

  1. Health and Safety and the Environment

Zavida is vitally interested in the ongoing health and safety of our employees, clients, visitors and the public at large. Zavida will work to ensure that its’ workplace meets or exceeds all applicable requirements under all health and safety legislation.

Zavida is committed to the protection of the environment and will ensure that all activities of our organization are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

  1. Legal Compliance

Zavida will ensure that all corporate and employment laws are strictly complied with. Zavida will act in accordance with all employment legislation as per the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000.

  1. Employee Relations

Zavida will ensure that it provides a fair and respectful work environment for all employees. It will ensure that wages and benefits are appropriate and competitive within the marketplace.

Zavida will foster an open-door policy and encourage all employees to voice their feelings and concerns.

  1. Human Rights

Zavida will ensure that non-discriminatory employment practices are utilized and that human rights are protected at all times.

Zavida is an equal opportunity employer and will not tolerate violations of the law, human rights, or any workplace regulations or legislation. Zavida will ensure that the workplace is free of discrimination, harassment and bullying based on any of the protected grounds of employment found in the applicable Human Rights Act/Code.

Zavida prohibits the use of child labor and therefore endorses the need for appropriate initiatives to progressively eliminate these abuses. As such, Zavida will not employ any person below the age of eighteen (18) years. For more details, see the Child Labour Avoidance Policy.

Every person has the right to equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities, without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, marital status, family status or disability.

  1. The Community

Zavida strives to act as a partner in the community and will work with the surrounding community in an open and collaborative fashion; providing the maximum benefit possible.

  1. Customer and Supplier Relations

Zavida offers competitive and innovative products and services that meet or exceed the needs of our clients and expects the same from our suppliers.

Zavida will promote and engage in sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers while maintaining adherence to our standards of conduct and the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

  1. Monitoring and Reporting Performance

Zavida will review and asses our performance in programs and activities and address any issues as appropriate. We will ensure that the results of our reviews are communicated effectively.

Zavida encourages public feedback regarding our operations, products and services and will work to act on the feedback as appropriate.

  1. Sustainable Development

Zavida is committed to developing its’ business in such a way that future growth remains uncompromised.

Zavida will ensure that its’ resources and supplies used are balanced and consider the needs of future business.


Management will act as role models by incorporating those considerations into decision-making in all business activities. Zavida management will ensure that appropriate organizational structures are in place to effectively identify, monitor and manage Corporate Social Responsibility issues and performance relevant to our businesses.

Zavida will ensure Corporate Social Responsibility will be of paramount focus and taken into consideration when conducting all business activities.

This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure continual improvement.

Questions & Contact Information

For more detailed information regarding our policies, plans and training programs, please contact us at info@zavida.com or via postal mail at the address below:

Zavida Coffee Company Inc.

70 Connie Crescent, Suite 12

Concord, Ontario

Canada, L4K 1L6

Last Updated: June 2020

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Zavida is committed to providing a barrier-free environment for all stakeholders including our customers, employees, job applicants, suppliers, and any visitors who may enter our premises, access our information, or use our services. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), and its associated standards and regulations.

Zavida understands that we have a responsibility for ensuring a safe, dignified, and welcoming environment for everyone. We are committed to ensuring our organization’s compliance by incorporating accessibility legislation into our policies, procedures, equipment requirements, training, and best practices. We will review these policies and practices annually, as organizational changes occur, or in anticipation of compliance deadlines. In addition, we will strive to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in a timely and effective manner.

Providing an accessible and barrier-free environment is a shared effort, and as an organization, Zavida is committed to working with the necessary parties to make accessibility for all a reality.


Questions or concerns regarding our policies, plans and training programs, please contact our Human Resources Department or submit via our Company’s AODA Feedback Process.

To access our Statement of Commitment to Accessibility Policy, please click here.

To access our Customer Feedback Form, please click here.

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