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At Zavida, we take pride in offering premium roast coffees in a variety of bold blends and flavors. Taste is of utmost importance, and we have coffees that will please every taste profile, from exotic single origin Costa Rican Cielo Alto coffee to Canadian Maple flavored coffee.


Meet our seventh Funky Flavor: Caramel Apple Crisp Coffee!

Nothing beats a delicious apple crisp topped with warm caramel. This dessert, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day, is definitely better served with a coffee. Why hold back? Might as well serve a coffee that reminds us of the comforting taste of apple crisp!


Infused with roasted hazelnut and French vanilla, this rich and velvety blend will enchant your taste buds from the very first sip. Canada's number one selling flavored coffee for over 30 years!

A coffee gift box with four 12 oz. bags of different coffee flavors.


Explore different Zavida coffee flavors with our Discovery Coffee Box! Our selection box includes four bags of 12oz coffee at a reduced price, plus it ships for free in Canada!

Not sure which coffee to choose or don’t want the pressure of picking the right flavors? Our Best-Sellers Discovery Box has a curated selection our most popular flavors. Hazelnut Vanilla, Crème Brûlée, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Canadian Maple Coffee pre-loaded and ready to go - all you need to do is decide between whole beans or all-purpose grind! Please note that you can only choose one grind type for all four products in the box. Makes a great gift for all the coffee lovers in your life!

Are you bored with traditional breakfast staples like toast, cereal or waffles? A smoothie bowl may be just what you need! With a thicker consistency than a smoothie you’d drink, our apple pie smoothie bowl is substantial and includes protein-rich ingredients that will keep you going until lunchtime.

There was a time when everyone put their coffee in the freezer, but is this the best option? Let's get to the bottom of the best ways using this coffee storage guide.

Although we don’t recommend reusing your already brewed grounds to make a second cup, you can repurpose used coffee grounds in several ways. Find out how!