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Tropical Cinco de Mayo Coffee Recipe

With the warmer weather approaching, there’s nothing like spicing up your Cinco de Mayo coffee by adding a little twist. While there are countless coffee recipes, this is a must-try! In honor of the Cinco de Mayo holiday, we created a recipe to get in on the fun.

A unique twist on a Mexican coffee, use ice cream and Piña Colada flavored coffee

Cinco de Mayo is primarily celebrated in Mexico and the United States. This holiday honors the Mexican army’s victory over the French Empire on May 5th, 1862. This holiday is commonly celebrated not only with festivals and music but also with good food and drinks.

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like a traditional Mexican recipe. This recipe is a rich and decadent treat you can enjoy after a meal or on a hot summer day. The blend of ice cream, espresso, and coffee liquor gives it that rich and creamy taste that will leave you wanting more!

Not only is it easy to make but you can customize it and make it your own. Swap out the vanilla ice cream for chocolate or add some chocolate drizzle.

How to Make a Tropical Cinco de Mayo Coffee at Home


- 1 teaspoon of sugar
- 1 oz tequila
- 1 oz coffee liqueur
- 1 cup brewed Piña Colada Coffee 
-  1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
- Ground cinnamon

Piña Colada flavored coffee, available in whole bean or ground coffee formats.

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  • Pour Piña Colada Coffee into a glass mug, and add the tequila, coffee liqueur, and sugar.
  • Give it a quick stir so all the ingredients are blended.
  • Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

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The steps to make Zavida's Tropical Cinco de Mayo Coffee recipe


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