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At Zavida, we know we have a responsibility to pay attention to the way our corporate practices affect the natural environment.

Our industry relies heavily on the climate in coffee growing regions of the world; regions at a higher risk of being affected by climate change-related disasters and environmental changes.
It's vital that we do what we can to reduce the ecological footprint of our business practices; from choosing sustainable packaging materials to working to improve our waste-management procedures.
In addition, we're also proud to support organizations focused on improving the sustainability of both the coffee industry and the global climate as a whole.

How we're doing our part:

Aluminum Nespresso-compatible Capsules

Zavida’s Nespresso-compatible capsules are 100% aluminum, and are recyclable through the Nespresso capsule recycling program where available. As an infinitely recyclable material, aluminum is one of the most sustainable materials with which to produce single-use coffee capsules.

Recyclable & Post-consumer product shipping boxes

We ship your Zavida coffee order in boxes made from post-consumer recycled cardboard, and we encourage you to recycle the box once again after it arrives at your home. Using recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible in our supply chain is a part of our sustainability efforts, and we are continually looking for ways to further reduce our reliance on non-recyclable materials in our production and distribution process. 

Organica Line Coffee

Zavida's line of Organica coffee is made from 100% organic coffee beans. Organic beans are farmed without the use of pesticides or herbicides, leaving the earth free of chemicals that may cause harm in the short- or long-term.

How we're giving back

Along with taking action on our part, Zavida works with organizations focused on improving the sustainability of the coffee industry and the international supply chain, and that focus on helping to sequester carbon from the atmosphere by planting trees all over the globe. We're proud to help support the work these organizations do; and we'll keep supporting them as they support our climate for years to come.

Trees for the Future

Through Trees for the Future, Zavida has helped plant over 730,000 fruit trees for forest gardens in African communities.

Trees for the Future provides training in agroforestry techniques, helping local farmers improve their livelihoods while promoting environmental conservation. These training programs empower farmers with knowledge, skills, and tools to create thriving, self-sustaining ecosystems. It's an investment in the future that benefits us all.

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Rainforest Alliance

Our products that carry the Rainforest Alliance seal help to ensure that the Alliance continues to work with coffee farmers to improve their livelihoods and the health and well-being of their communities. Since 1995, the Rainforest Alliance has strengthened the position of coffee farmers by training them in methods that boost yields and safeguard the health of the land for future generations.

You can learn more about Rainforest Alliance at

How we're working to improve

We know that building a more ecologically-sustainable world requires continual and sustained effort, so we’re working on improving our corporate sustainability practices. Here’s what the team has got brewing at the moment:
Better waste-management in production
We’re in the process of developing a better system for discarding the organic waste that comes as a byproduct of coffee production, so that this waste won’t eventually end up in the landfill, and can contribute to the life cycle of new plants.

Have questions or comments pertaining to our sustainability practices? Feel free to drop us a line here; we'll get back to you as soon as we can with an answer!