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What Process Ensures the Best Tasting Sumatra Coffee?

Sumatran coffee has one of the most unique flavor profiles in the world. This single-origin coffee comes from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia and is famous for how the beans are processed—wet hulling. Continue reading to find out how to get the best tasting Sumatra coffee.

The Process

Wet hulling is the way Sumatran beans are processed and is what gives the final product such a unique and deep flavor. When the bean is harvested, the skin is removed, and the fruit can sit for about a day. The beans are washed and then allowed to dry. The result is higher than normal moisture content. But does this matter? Oh, yes it does.


This high moisture content results in a flavor profile that is less acidic than most and hangs on to the earthiness of the lush rainforests where it’s grown. Sumatra coffee is best enjoyed in a medium roast, which keeps the bean’s complexity while highlighting a smooth concentration. The best Sumatra coffee can be described as powerful with an enticing earthy (not musty), herbal and spicy taste and aroma.

It’s very rich, smooth, and almost creamy or syrupy. For experienced taste buds, you’ll notice undertones of moss, leather, and wood in its complexity.

How to Enjoy

Our Golden Isle Sumatra brings out the very best of this single-origin coffee as k cups. It’s a great way to start or end your day. To enhance the flavor, try pairing it with cinnamon or maple centered desserts. On the savory side, a mushroom and cheese tart will bring out the intensity of this powerhouse.


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