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How to Make Your Coffee Healthier in 4 Easy Steps

The bright, crisp taste, the soothing aroma and the much-needed boost of energy are what’s truly needed to kick start any morning. That’s why most of us can’t start our day without a cup of coffee. While there are many pieces of evidence stating the benefits of drinking coffee daily, it’s easy to turn your otherwise healthy cup into an overload of calories and additives – far from anything healthy.

So, if you’re a fan of a cup of morning joe, and you want to make a healthier choice, try these four steps for a more nutritious cup.

Opt for Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives or Organic Milk

Since coffee already contains inflammatory agents, replacing your dairy milk or creamer with a non-dairy alternative can offer more nutrients while adding different flavors to your cup of joe. There are tons of alternatives but the most popular non-dairy milk for coffee or lattes are oat, soy, almond, rice, and cashew milk. You can easily find these options at most local cafés or grocery stores. These are great alternatives closely resembling the characteristics of traditional dairy milk.

If you’re a dairy fan and not willing to make the switch, using a grass-fed and organic milk or cream in your coffee is the best option.

Replace Refined Sugar with Stevia

Black coffee is the healthiest choice, but if you can’t live without your sweetness, steer clear of refined sugars (white, cane or brown sugar) and artificial sweeteners, as these increase insulin levels within your body creating long-term effects. Instead, try a more natural sugar alternative like Stevia.

Drink Coffee After You Eat

Caffeine can suppress your appetite which will lead to long periods of not eating. This can cause low blood sugar resulting in low energy and feeling tired. Instead of drinking coffee on an empty stomach, try having it with your breakfast or a snack that’s high in healthy fat to keep you full and prevent crashing later in the day.

Caffeine Cut-Off Time

Caffeine is a stimulant, commonly consumed in the morning to help you stay alert and give you that boost of energy for a positive day. However, drinking caffeine after 2:00 pm can affect your sleeping patterns. Try a less caffeinated alternative in the afternoons, like decaf coffee or green tea.

Start incorporating a few if not all these tips into your coffee ritual and let us know your take.


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