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How to get Rid of Coffee Jitters

We’ve all done it. We get a new brew and love it so much we down multiple cups in a short amount of time and get the coffee jitters. Others may feel what they call “coffee anxiety” coming over them. Never fear! We’re here to help you get rid of the coffee jitters you have and avoid them in the future.

Start by Avoiding Them in the First Place

We know it’s no fun to feel all hopped up on caffeine, so there are a few easy rules to follow to avoid this feeling.

Know Your Limit

Just because your office mate can down five cups before 10 am, it doesn’t mean you can. Know what your sweet spot is and stay within it. Your body will tell you when you’re getting close to your line.

Take Your Time

Gulping a cup down in seconds is giving your body a jolt of caffeine. Sip it, savor it. Invest in a good travel mug so you’re not sloshing it down your throat on your way out the door.

Pair Your Coffee with Food

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can contribute to the coffee jitters because there’s nothing else being metabolized and caffeine is rapidly entering your system. Try pairing your coffee with foods that will bring out its notes and aromas.

If You Already Have the Jitters

If your hands are a little shaky as you’re reading this, drink some water. Water will help flush your system of caffeine. Eating helps too—just make sure you’re eating a healthy meal or snack because sugar and processed food can add to the problem. Choosing a banana or other foods high in magnesium can help further reduce your jitters.

Exercising speeds up your metabolism, but if your heart is already beating faster, you might want to slow down, take some deep breaths and meditate. 

Drinking water, eating and exercising are really the best ways to get rid of coffee jitters.

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