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Why We are Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

Why We are Celebrating Earth Day Every Day - Zavida Coffee

What’s Earth Day? It’s a chance to be more environmentally aware and search for ways to support the planet and its fragile ecosystems. At Zavida Coffee Roasters, we’re more than just a coffee company and we care about more than just profit. 

Aside from producing delicious organic coffee and offering unparalleled customer service, another purpose is to do our part to ensure the beauties and benefits of nature are around for years to come. Our commitment to the environment is guaranteed and certified. With the initiatives we’ve implemented, it’s like we’re celebrating Earth Day every day.

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Since 2006, Zavida Coffee has been working primarily with Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farms. Rainforest Alliance Certified farms are known for using "environmentally and socially responsible practices."

Coffee farmers are trained in techniques that improve both efficiency and the health of the land utilized and are guaranteed respect, education, and healthcare for both themselves and their families. Agrochemical use is limited and "forests are protected, rivers, soils and wildlife conserved."

Look for a seal with a green frog on it that reads "Rainforest Alliance Certified" if you're looking to do your part by purchasing products held to these standards.


It's not uncommon to plant a tree on Earth Day, but Zavida Coffee plants trees each and every day of the year. Every time Zavida sells any product on our site, we plant a tree to celebrate the sale.

By partnering with Trees For The Future in their Tree Planting Initiative, Zavida "offset[s] all of [its] carbon emissions on an annual basis." Not only do the trees planted help the environment, but Trees For The Future plants in developing nations, "enabling them to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a sustainable future." They provide both resources and training to farmers to stimulate the local economy and promote tree planting in all sorts of environments.

This Earth Day, join Zavida in sustaining the environment by planting a tree, recycling, taking a short shower, or purchasing Zavida Coffee! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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