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Which Brewing Method Makes the Best Coffee? French Press and Pour Over Compared

Which Brewing Method Makes the Best Coffee? French Press and Pour Over Compared - Zavida Coffee

Coffee remains one of the most popular drinks in the world. Brewed hot or cold, it can inject almost endless varieties of flavour into every sip.

Those who love the drink, however, do not agree on everything. You can find passionate advocates on either side of the raging debate over which brewing method makes the best coffee. We compare whether a French press or pour over method produces a better cup of coffee.

Pouring coffee into a cup with a French press


Invented in Italy during the 1920s, the French press uses a cylindrical glass called a carafe, a stainless-steel filter, and a plunger. You first fill the carafe with grounds, then add boiling water.

After allowing the water and grounds to steep for an appropriate period of time, place the device over a cup, press the plunger, and rich, freshly brewed coffee comes through the filter, waiting for you to taste.


Most coffee aficionados have more familiarity with the pour over method, the standard used by most commercial coffee makers.

The method simply pours boiling water downward through the grounds. The water pulls and prods flavour from the grounds, drips through the filter and into the pot.

Using the pour over method to brew coffee


Experts agree that the French press method has distinct advantages in some areas. It takes less time to brew than a typical pot of pour over coffee. Typically, French press made coffee also has a smoother, cleaner, and potentially more full-bodied taste.

On the other hand, pour over coffee makers offer convenience and flexibility. They generally have a greater capacity to produce more coffee. Also, you can use more filters if you prefer a lighter cup of coffee.

While both sides have their partisans, all can agree that using one of the many different flavours of Zavida ensures that you end up with the best cup possible, regardless of method. Try our hazelnut vanilla, butter pecan, or any of our other popular best sellers. 

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