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How To Clean a Single Serve Coffee Maker with Vinegar

How To Clean a Single Serve Coffee Maker with Vinegar - Zavida Coffee

Single serve coffee machines have opened up a new world of coffee consumption. Keurig machines, and other manufacturers' products, add convenience and flavour to every morning’s cup. But how exactly do you clean a single serve coffee maker?

Without care, however, in several months, that delicious cup will appear less delicious and increasingly disgusting. The hot and rich coffee that pumps through the machine leaves a thin film in the internal workings. This film is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

In the worst-case scenario, clumps of film and bacteria drop into your morning coffee, making it undrinkable.

You may find that the manufacturers of these machines encourage you to purchase a small, $11 vial of chemicals designed to strip away the film and bacteria, but we suggest a better solution - all natural, cheap, clear vinegar.


  • First, unplug the machine and make sure no liquid remains inside. Then, disassemble what you can. Immerse and wash each part in warm, soapy water, before wiping down the exterior.
  • Next, reassemble the machine and plug it back in. Fill the reservoir entirely with one part vinegar, one part water. If your local water is rich in minerals, try using bottled water to reduce the presence of damaging lime.
  • Run the water-vinegar solution through the machine. Make sure no cup remains in the device. You will want to run the machine into a clear glass container over and over until the reservoir runs dry.
  • Keep an eye on the water. When the outflow runs completely clear, you have finished cleaning your machine.

Science backs the use of vinegar instead of chemicals. Vinegar's cleaning and disinfecting capabilities have been proven. Also, you can get a gallon of this all-natural substance for less than a third of the cost of cleaning chemicals.

Make sure to clean your machine every three months at the very least. We also recommend running water directly through the system into a clear class container once a week.

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