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The Ultimate Organic Iced Coffee Recipe

The Ultimate Organic Iced Coffee Recipe - Zavida Coffee

Sure, it’s easy nowadays to mosey on over to your local organic coffee shop chain and order an iced coffee (to some variation), but is it the best iced coffee you’ve ever had?

You won’t know until you’ve made Zavida’s Organic Iced Coffee recipe at home. And when you do, it will change your expectation of what icy, rich, creamy coffee goodness should really taste like.

We have experimented here at Zavida with making iced coffee concentrate by tying ground coffee in filters and letting it soak, or by dumping coffee grounds into bowls and letting it sit overnight, but it gets messy, it takes more time, and overall, the taste difference is negligible.

What we have found to be the best and easiest way to make iced coffee at home is simple… Brew it in your coffee brewer! To successfully make iced coffee (organic or not), you need to start by making cold brew coffee aka coffee concentrate.

This is where the magic really happens!

Once you get this process down, whipping up an iced coffee will be a breeze – and will keep for at least one week if stored properly. Not only will this recipe quench your summertime coffee cravings with minimal guilt – it’ll save you a few dollars if you’re a daily drinker.



  • Glass or Stainless-Steel Pitcher
  • All Purpose / Drip Grind Zavida's Organica Rainforest Alliance Coffee
  • Organic Cream and Choice of Sweetener to Taste


  • Double Brew Zavida's Organica Rainforest Alliance Coffee. Instead of one tablespoon (8 grams) of ground coffee for every 175 ml (6 oz) of fresh, cold water, use two tablespoons (15 grams) and adjust to taste.
  • Pour fresh brewed coffee into a glass or stainless-steel pitcher.
  • Place pitcher in the refrigerator and allow to cool thoroughly. 24 hours will ensure it is ready.


  • Fill a tall glass mug or mason jar to the rim with ice cubes.
  • Pour in some organic coffee concentrate, about half full.
  • Add your sweetener of choice, whether that be raw honey, cane sugar, raw sugar, agave syrup or maple syrup.
  • Top it off with a high-quality organic cream.
  • Slowly stir all ingredients together.
  • Enjoy!

Hint: Top it off with a drop of French Vanilla or Crème Brûlée Flavour Shots to create a unique flavoured experience.

Experiment with the right amount of cold brew coffee, cream and flavouring and you’ll be sure to create the perfect organic iced coffee for only pennies per cup.

And if you want to crank things up a few notches, feel free to add a shot of spiced dark rum or Kahlua. If the next day anyone asks what happened, say “it was the iced coffee”.