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Organica Coffee – New Packaging Design, Same Great Taste

Organica Coffee – New Packaging Design, Same Great Taste - Zavida Coffee

When updating our new Zavida Coffee logo, our packaging design had to be looked at as well. Organica was a little more complex than some of the others, as the design elements are truly unique, and meaning so much to all of us here at Zavida, the question was asked "How do we show the quality of the coffee inside the bag, on the outside?"

Here are the results:

We would like to extend a very special thank you to our Creative Designer Andrew for redesigning our new 2 LB Organica coffee bag. He truly made it come alive and now it captures the quality that we at Zavida take to heart on a daily basis.

Andrew pieced the design together plant by plant, leaf by leaf, and painstakingly retouched the colour of every single element until it was perfect. After the project was complete, Andrew said "It was difficult capturing the purity of the rainforest in one image. I am very happy with the final result though and can already see the future evolution of Organica."

When we first laid eyes upon it, it was love at first sight. Now, we are even more excited as we are very close to launching the brand new Zavida Coffee website. With the same attention to art and detail and passion, we have ensured the look is a masterpiece with easier functionality and some added perks to boot… We cannot wait to show you!