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This Thanksgiving, Drinking Coffee After a Meal May Help with Digestion

This Thanksgiving, Drinking Coffee After a Meal May Help with Digestion - Zavida Coffee

At the end of a delicious Thanksgiving feast, while everyone is lounging by the fire or still cozied up to a cleared table, serving a pot of freshly roasted coffee is an excellent way to finish a meal. Not only is it a great chance to socialize with loved ones, it may even help with digestion.


In many European countries, or after dinner in an upscale restaurant around the corner, coffee or espresso is a traditional way to end a meal. Having a cup is considered an invitation to linger a little bit longer and end the meal on a relaxed note, rather than a hasty exit.

The same should ring true in your home environment. After a long meal, there's no need to rush—especially when you're surrounded by friends and family. Brewing a pot of coffee is a signal to your guests that, not only do you want them to stay, you want them to be comfortable.

A cup of freshly roasted coffee will also help your guests digest after having a few too many slices of pumpkin pie. In fact, it's known to help minimize sugar absorption.


The best type of coffee to serve after a large meal is a dark roast due to its lower caffeine levels and the fact that it's easier on the stomach. We suggest our Organic Dark or Premium French Dark Roast. But it is proper etiquette to offer your guests a few options, so purchasing a decaf blend or an espresso would be a good idea as well.

When serving, make sure to have sugar and milk on hand for the guests who prefer it. It's also best to wait until dessert is fully finished and the table is completely cleared before bringing out the coffee. This allows for full relaxation, rather than feeling burdened by dishes or snacks.

If you're feeling something a bit more upscale, serve a traditional Irish cream coffee cocktail. For each serving, combine 1 cup of brewed coffee (we recommend dark roast), 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and 3 tablespoons of your favorite Irish whiskey. Top it with slightly whipped heavy cream and your guests will warm up instantly.

Serving coffee after dinner, whether it's decaf, in cocktail form, or traditional, is a great way to elongate a great night. And who knows, it may become a new family tradition.

For more recipes or to find your favourite blend, contact us.