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Zavida Goes Zero Waste! | Earth Day 2024

Zavida Goes Zero Waste! | Earth Day 2024 - Zavida Coffee

Earth Day is here! Every year on this day, we believe it’s important to take time to celebrate our Earth, to reflect on our relationship with this incredible planet, and to spend some time thinking about how we might best show up to protect and nurture this place we all call home. 

That’s why we’ve chosen today to announce something big we’ve been working on at Zavida: 

We’re officially going Zero Waste! 

This exciting new initiative means that 100% of the production and office waste at Zavida’s facility in Concord, Ontario is now being diverted away from the landfill to be reused, recycled, or renewed. Thanks to our partners in waste diversion, U-Pak Disposals, we’re able to reduce our annual carbon footprint by 312tonnes. Here’s how we’re doing it: 

A pile of garbage bags full of coffee chaff for donation, a Zavida employee stands beside them in the photo

Reuse: Barrels, sacks, and pallets will be cleaned and reused, repurposed for a new life. 

Recycle: Coffee chaff, an organic byproduct of the roasting process, is being repurposed in two distinct ways. The majority is sent to a facility in Wallenstein, Ontario to be used as an ingredient in livestock feed; while the remainder enriches soil and mulch through Zavida’s partnership with the Toronto Botanical Garden.  

Renew: All the remaining waste, unable to be reused or recycled, is converted into renewable energy and returned to nearby power grids. Annually, this initiative generates electricity equivalent to powering 8 Canadian households for a year. 


Additionally, if you live in the Toronto area, you can pick up some of our coffee chaff to use in your garden at home! At the Toronto Botanical Garden's Spring Plant Sale May 11-12, patrons can obtain free coffee chaff for their gardens, accompanied by expert guidance on its optimal usage as fertilizer. 


A slightly blurry image of people walking around the Toronto Botanical Gardens plant sale


Everyone has to play their part in taking care of the Earth, and we couldn’t be prouder to say that Zavida is doing our part by diverting all our waste from the landfill to give it a new life. 


How are you celebrating the Earth this year? Let us know on our socials, we’d love to hear from you! 

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