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How to Store Coffee: Pantry, Fridge or Freezer? Your Guide to Coffee Storage

There was a time when everyone put their coffee in the freezer, but is this the best option? This is a confusing question because coffee doesn't come with instructions for storing. Let's get to the bottom of the best ways using this coffee storage guide.

Storage Basics

No matter how you store coffee, there are a few things you need to know to help your coffee maintain its amazing and original flavor.

Start with Quality

At Zavida coffee, we’re obsessed with the quality of the coffee we bring to you. We have over 40 freshly roasted coffees, so you’re starting with the best. No matter how you store it, you’re already ahead of the game.

Your Coffee’s Enemies

Your main storage goal should be to keep your coffee away from:

• Air
• Moisture
• Light
• Heat

Advice When Storing Long-Term

We're all for buying enough coffee to last for months. Just make sure you're sealing the bag or container each time you open it. Consider placing one or two weeks' worth of coffee in a sealed container that's easily accessible. Keep the rest airtight so you're not constantly exposing your whole supply to air every time you open it up.

Pouring ground coffee into an airtight storage container

The Right Way to Store Coffee

Our best advice to store coffee so it retains its freshness and flavor.

The Freezer

We suggest freezing coffee you won't use for at least two weeks. When you pull out and thaw coffee, we don't recommend re-freezing it. For best results follow these tips:

• Freeze coffee you won’t use for more than two weeks.
• Use an air-tight container, preferably vacuum sealed.
• If you do remove the coffee, replace it quickly to avoid condensation.

The Pantry

This is our preferred location for successfully storing coffee. Keep the coffee in an airtight container, or zip-top bag in a dark, cool place like a cabinet or pantry away from the stove and other heat sources.

The Refrigerator

We don't recommend the fridge because of how often the door is opened, exposing coffee to light and temperature fluctuations.

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