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Decaf Coffee Now Available in Single Serve Cups

Decaf Coffee Now Available in Single Serve Cups - Zavida Coffee

Decaf lovers rejoice! Finally, Zavida decaffeinated coffee is now available as a single serve coffee cup. AND it's Keurig ® 2.0 compatible. Does it get any better?

Our decaf coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process. Water is used to gently extract the caffeine solubles from the bean. Those solubles are replenished to maintain the beans' full flavour with 99.9% caffeine reduction.

For those coffee-lovers who want a great tasting cup but half the caffeine, we've got the perfect recipe. Mix one cup Zavida Swiss Water Process® Decaf with one cup Charles' Private Stock and you've got the best half-caff coffee in the world. Trust us. Looking for more flavour? Replace Charles' Private Stock with any of our single serve flavoured coffees (we recommend Hazelnut Vanilla) and you've got an instant flavoured half-caff.

Check out our Decaf Swiss Water® Process single serve coffee cups and shop our full selection to mix it up. 

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