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Get a French Press for Your College Dorm Room

Get a French Press for Your College Dorm Room - Zavida Coffee

This is a practical life hack we all wish we knew while attending college. Reminiscing on the early mornings and late nights studying while drinking flavoured sewage water (what the cafeteria would call coffee). As summer is coming to an end, and back-to-school time is quickly approaching, it was clear that a post on the most efficient and effective way to make great-tasting coffee in a French press in a small space, like a dorm room, was an essential survival guide.

The first step in the survival guide is to pick up a bag of your favourite coffee.


The best coffee mug you'll ever buy is one that is fitted to be a French press and a travel mug all built into one. These crafty coffee slinging devices are ingenious inventions that you can find online or at big box stores. French press travel mugs come in different sizes, but the technology is basically the same. It's a safe-to-hold rubberized container that comes with its own French press filter.

The perks are: 1) you don't have to buy coffee filters and 2) you get a French press taste in a single serve cup. And finally, you save space in your room and you only consume the amount of coffee you want. So, no extra coffee juice sitting in that automatic coffee maker getting staler by the minute.

Not to mention it’s super easy.


  • Get your French Press coffee mug.
  • Heat your water. Depending on your setup, a microwave or a kettle will work perfectly fine. The main goal is to have the water hot enough to brew coffee.
  • Line the bottom of the mug (without the filter in place) with one or two tablespoons of ground coffee (for one serving).
  • Pour in your hot water.
  • Let the coffee mixture brew for one minute.
  • Insert the filter device and just like a typical French Press, press down.
  • Pour in your milk or whatever you want to add for flavour, and drink.

Once you're done with your coffee, you just wash out the dishwasher-safe mug and leave it on the rack to dry.

So now that you've discovered a practical hack to wake yourself on a Monday morning without too much hassle, treat yourself to some freshly roasted 100% Arabica coffee from us.

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