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Refreshing Lime mojito Recipe

Let’s take a virtual trip to Cuba! Envision yourself lounging on a white, sandy beach, sipping a refreshing mojito as the waves crash gently. It’s a classic cocktail that never disappoints.      

Lime, white rum, and mint are a match made in heaven and blend perfectly together. It’s a refreshing, cool drink that’s perfect for a hot summer day. If you’re hosting a gathering and want to impress your guests, this is a quick and tasty drink with minimal ingredients that’s easy to prepare on the spot. 

Garnishing your mojito with mint and lime is key to making a perfect mojito, so go ahead and sip your way to paradise! 

Mojito, Lime, Rum, Club Soda

Our Flavor Shots are multi-purpose and can be added to any food or drink recipe. If you don’t have fresh lime on hand, why not reach for our Lime Flavor Shots for that additional burst of flavor? Our Flavor Shots don’t need to be refrigerated and have a shelf-life of two years, and have zero calories, sugar, carbs, and fat. A little goes a long way, so all you need is one pump, and it will add a delicious citrus zing in a pinch. It also takes less prep time, as all you need to do is pull out the bottle – no cutting board, knife, and zester needed.

Where Did the Mojito Originate?

The origin of the mojito can be found in Cuba. It is so beloved that it has become the country’s national drink! This classic cocktail is also the drink of choice in the hospitality and nightlife sectors of this tropical island. The mojito started off with a different purpose – it was initially created as a medicinal drink to help alleviate diseases. The original recipe included moonshine, which is a type of homemade whiskey. Over time, the whisky was replaced with rum, which is produced on a large scale in Cuba and is plentiful. Mojitos can be paired with light salty foods like tacos, seafood, nachos, and salsa.

How to Make a mojito 


• 5-7 mint leaves
• Club soda
• 2 oz of white rum
• 1 oz simple syrup
• 1 pump of Zavida’s Lime Flavor Shots
• Ice


  •  In a glass, add your mint leaves and gently mash (muddle) to release the juices
  • Fill the glass halfway with club soda and then add the rum, simple syrup, and Lime Flavor Shots
  •  Stir with a spoon
  •  Add ice, and then fill the rest of your glass with club soda
  • Give a final stir with a spoon.
  • Garnish with mint leaves
  • Enjoy!

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Whether you’re making yourself a drink to enjoy at home or by the beach, give this delicious-tasting mojito a try!   


- You can swap out simple syrup for regular white sugar.

- For a unique twist, swap the Lime Flavor Shot for peach or mango.

- You can also use sparkling water instead of club soda

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The steps to make Zavida's Refreshing Lime Mojito


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