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Give Your Used Coffee Grounds a Second Chance at Life

Here at Zavida Coffee Roasters, we have made it our mission to continually take our environmentally friendly approach a step further in everything we do. With our minds brewing with green ideas, we thought it would be a perfect time to share some great DIY ideas for extending the life of your used coffee grounds.

Although we don’t recommend reusing your already brewed coffee grounds to make a second cup, you can repurpose them in several ways. This not only reduces waste, but also allows you to use an all-natural product which will make you feel healthier and happier. Here are some ways that you can reuse your old coffee grounds:

Used Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Fertilizer and Pest Repellant

Coffee acts as a 2-in-1 all-natural fertilizer and pest repellent. Many insects and other pests are repelled by the smell. Which plants like used coffee grounds? Grounds contain nitrogen and magnesium which are good for all plants, but many acid-loving plants, such as hydrangeas or roses, love them. As for veggies, carrots and radishes flourish when you add coffee grounds to the soil. You can even mix the grounds with brown leaves or grass to reduce some of the acidity. 


You can throw the grounds in your compost heap. This is a much more environmentally-friendly solution than throwing them in the trash. Coffee can add green matter to your compost which attracts valuable decomposers.

A jar of coffee grounds sits next to coconut oil and lavender essential oil and a wooden spoon

Beauty Uses for Old Grounds

Body scrub

Coffee is really great for the skin. Taking used coffee grounds and turning them into a body scrub is simple to do: just mix it with coconut oil. If you don’t have coconut oil, you can also use a bit of olive oil and voilà - you have an amazing homemade body scrub.


Coffee is rich in antioxidants. It will leave your skin feeling tighter and more radiant. Mix it with some cocoa powder and heavy cream and apply to your face for a DIY beauty treatment. Though coffee grounds are a great exfoliant, just be careful to use a light touch to not overly irritate your skin.


If you love the smell of coffee, why not make it into a soap? Full of antioxidants, caffeine can be absorbed through your skin which will give you an added boost. 

For your hair

Coffee grounds can remove buildup. Just sprinkle a little in your hair to break up residue before you shampoo.

Acne cleanser

Sometimes standard acne products are tough on sensitive skin. This is a gentle alternative with natural astringent properties. Just mix the coffee grounds with some milk.

Household Uses

Surface abrasive

Coffee grounds can help loosen residue on surfaces. The grounds aren't harsh like other chemicals, so they won't damage your countertops.


Coffee grounds can reduce mess when cleaning out your fireplace. Throw some grounds on your ash to prevent any ash clouds while you are shoveling them out.

Repair scratched furniture

Make a thick paste with coffee grounds and water to rub out scratches in wood furniture.

'Salt' the road

You can use coffee grounds instead of salt to de-ice and de-snow your driveway. Say goodbye to purchasing heavy packs of salt.

Instead of throwing all those beloved coffee grounds in the trash, you can easily give your used coffee grounds a second life through cleaning, beauty and gardening options. With a little creative thinking the options are endless! Zavida Coffee Roasters has a wide variety of gourmet coffee selections to spruce up your coffee repurposing. Contact us to find out more! 


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