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5 Fantastic French Vanilla MiniSyrup Recipes

MiniSyrup is completely unsweetened meaning it has no sugar or artificial/natural sweeteners whatsoever. This also means it is 0 calorie and diabetic friendly. Having a completely unsweetened flavoring syrup opens up so many recipe opportunities because you have control over the exact amount of flavor you add to your favorite beverage or baked good.

Similar to a flavor enhancer without the sweetness, our premium French Vanilla MiniSyrup can be used in so many ways, we thought we would share 5 of them with you:

  • French Vanilla Coffee
    – Add one pump French Vanilla MiniSyrup to every 4 oz of your favorite fresh brewed coffee and voila! French Vanilla coffee magically awaits.
  • French Vanilla Cappuccinos and Lattes
    – Add one pump French Vanilla MiniSyrup to 4 ounces of your favorite cappuccino or latte to make it a completely unsweetened French Vanilla beverage. Hint: You can even add French Vanilla MiniSyrup to a French Vanilla Cappuccino or Latte if you want a bigger burst of flavor.
  • French Vanilla Whipped Cream Recipe
    – Think whipped cream is good? How about making it even better by adding French Vanilla flavoring syrup to the batch. It works great with icing for cupcakes as well… Here's how:

    - Mix ½ Liter fresh Whipping Cream
    - 4–6 Tablespoons granulated sugar (liquid cane sugar works well too!)
    - 4 pumps French Vanilla MiniSyrup
    - Whip to desired consistency
    Adjust to taste and enjoy this unique experience
  • French Vanilla Cola
    - We've been told our French Vanilla MiniSyrup added to popular brands of Cola tastes better than the pre-flavored Vanilla colas… Try it out and let us know by adding one pump of French Vanilla MiniSyrup to every 4 ounces of your favorite cola or diet cola beverage.
  • French Vanilla White Hot Chocolate
    - This tastes so good, regular hot chocolate may never cut it again wink Add one pump of French Vanilla MiniSyrup to every 4 ounces of fresh made white hot chocolate (Works great with milk or dark chocolate too of course) and enjoy a very special twist on a classic beverage.

With MiniSyrup, the possibilities are endless.


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