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Zavida Pumpkin Pecan Flavoured Coffee Now Available

Ahhhh fall… festive mornings, savoury afternoons, and spicy evenings. In the spirit of everything Autumn, we are very excited to let you know that Zavida's Pumpkin Pecan flavoured coffee is now available!

We may be a little late on this one, as we started seeing pumpkin coffees being announced as early as August. Call us old-fashioned, but we like to enjoy our fall flavors well, in the fall.

Pumpkin flavoured coffee has been earning it's stripes as a seasonal favorite by quirky coffee drinkers across the continent – from Toronto to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. At Zavida, we tend to put a twist on traditional flavoured coffees by pairing unique flavours to create a roast that's as unique as the individual drinking it (that would be you).

Imagine sweet, earthy pumpkin fused with the taste of nutty pecans, cinnamon and spice - sealed into our signature 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Our Pumpkin Pecan flavoured coffee is available in our standard 12oz resealable bag, with your choice of grind types: whole bean, coarse, auto drip, all purpose, fine, and espresso.

Zavida Pumpkin Pecan Flavoured Coffee

So, what are the various ways one can enjoy Zavida's Pumpkin Pecan coffee?

  • Try it brewed – For full flavour, especially with lattes, we recommend using a French press or brewing it stronger than normal. Try it with cream and raw cane sugar.
  • Try it iced – You haven't lived until you've had a Pumpkin Pecan iced coffee, seriously. Use our ultimate iced coffee recipe, swapping organic coffee for this festive flavour.
  • Try it when baking – Especially if you're baking a batch of fresh muffins, or you want to kick up your carrot cake recipe a few notches. Mmm… Pumpkin Pecan coffee cake.

Whatever you do, be sure to indulge in the pumpkin goodness with friends and family!

Seasonal coffees also make a fantastic gift as they're typically roasted in exclusive batches. And ordering coffee for a friend is super easy when you shop on simply use their mailing address when checking out and include any specific details in the notes section. We'll ship it to their home or office in a jiffy!

If you happen to come up with any pumpkin-inspired coffee drink recipes, holler at us on Twitter or Facebook so we can share your creation and most importantly, enjoy!


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