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6 Ways to Have a Very Cherry Summer with MiniSyrup

Cherry is such a classic summertime flavor. Whether you’re at the cottage sprawled out on the deck, or the central air at your office is having performance anxiety, the union of something ice cold and something cherry is often the ultimate cool-down thirst quencher.

Though pre-flavored soft drinks and cold beverages are widely available, they’re usually (almost always) loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners, which isn’t that good for your body, especially if you drink them daily (or even… hourly).

It is our pleasure to introduce you to your new summertime flavor companion:

Cherry MiniSyrup! Unlike other cherry flavored syrups, Zavida's Cherry MiniSyrup is completely unsweetened and contains absolutely zero artificial sweeteners – not even a hint! So, whether you’re diabetic, you don’t want extra “empty” calories, or you just want some seriously great taste – give it a try!

Keep a bottle of Cherry MiniSyrup in your pantry or at your desk – and have a “very cherry” summer no matter where you are!

How does it work? It is so simple! Just add one flavor drop per 4 oz of cold beverage and enjoy the awesome taste of cherry without adding any sugar or artificial sweetener. Don’t be afraid to adjust as needed because that’s the beauty of MiniSyrup – you have complete flavor control!

Here are 6 wicked ways you can use Cherry MiniSyrup this summer:

  • Cherry Coke – Pump two drops of Cherry MiniSyrup into your favorite regular or diet cola can and voila! Cherry Coke on demand.
  • Cherry Dr. Pepper – Preferred by some (especially Forrest Gump), adding a couple drops of MiniSyrup to your Dr. Pepper creates a more natural cherry flavor, without the extra 5 grams of sugar in their pre-flavored version.
  • Cherry Water – Forget your vitamin waters and liquid water enhancers, add a couple shots of Cherry MiniSyrup to your water bottle and you're good to go. No need to add things like sucralose, an artificial sweetener, to your water. That’s just silly!
  • Cherry Iced Tea – Yeah, you heard right. This is one of our favorite uses for Cherry MiniSyrup. 2-3 shots are all it takes to kick your iced tea up a notch, regardless if it’s lemon, peach or a southern style sweet tea.
  • Cherry Vodka Spritzer – Cherry and vodka are best friends! Simply add a shot of vodka, 2 shots of Cherry MiniSyrup, and top it off with ice cold soda water. To class it up a bit, toss in a fresh cherry or two. Talk about an Instagram worthy cocktail!
  • Cherry Corona – When we first experimented with cold beverage flavor shots and beer, we were a little hesitant. Then we added a few drops of Cherry MiniSyrup and a lime wedge to a bottle of chilled Corona. Needless to say, this summer is off to a great start!

MiniSyrup is a great way to flavor your drink, and flavor your day, without the need for extras. From coffee and hot cocoa to cold beverages and fountain drinks, there is a MiniSyrup for you and your taste.


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