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MiniSyrup – 15 Years in the Making

In 1996, Zavida's CEO and awesome guy Charles was in South Korea marketing the latest in gourmet flavored coffees to specialty coffee shops when he ran into a large problem… Small counter space! Store-fronts in Seoul can be tiny with a hefty price tag on square footage so adding multiple flavored coffee thermoses to the counter was not looking like a viable option.

Charles flew home the next day and could not stop thinking that there had to be a better way. When the plane touched down and the tires started squealing, a light bulb turned on, maybe a LED.

Instead of flavoring coffee and brewing it, why not brew coffee and flavor it?

To the kitchen Batman! Charles started brewing countless pots of fresh regular coffee, flavored them, and cupped them. Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 until the year 2000 as nothing seemed to match the taste of Charles' original flavored coffees. Until one day, a lucky break, or maybe magic happened, but Charles found a way to match the quality that he came to expect from a brewed flavored coffee.

Charles had it, the ultimate flavor profile unlike any other. Now all he needed to figure out was how to dispense the flavor. This is when development of the F1 Flavor Dispenser began; an automated method to deliver a flavor into a cup of coffee, cup-by-cup. The F1 was designed, built and eventually patented using a unique DC current to control what was thought to be an "uncontrollable dispensing pump".

Still, Charles was not satisfied. The equipment was big, bulky, mechanical and required a babysitter. It needed to be cleaner, easier, less expensive, beautiful and unforgettable.

In 2011, cue MiniSyrup – The World's first completely unsweetened flavoring syrup specially designed to flavor coffee, hot chocolates, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, iced teas, water and more without adding any sugar or artificial / natural sweeteners. Charles ensured that MiniSyrup was completely unsweetened so that beverage lovers could control the exact amount of flavor in their cup while also being diabetic friendly with 0 calories.

The dragon was let out of its cage. French Vanilla Coffee, Chocolate Mint Hot Chocolate, Mango Water, Cherry Cola and more were unleashed. Charles' 15 years of passion were finally ready at the tip of our fingers. His vision was realised.

So is it time to throw in the towel on new developments? Not likely. Something special is on its way… Stay tuned to find out more.


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